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Liz Lucas – Travelcoach 2018 – made it a fantastic time for everybody
Again in 2018 all participating Teams got a lot of input and a lot of motivation of this year’s edition of the Travelcoach Program: Teams from all over Germany had the pleasure to hear what Thavelcoach Liz Lucas had to say and show.

Teams from Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Rostock, Köln, Bonn, Neunkirchen and Freising had her for their Teams for a few days and enjoyed every moment of it.

Liz, who was playing in Germany for a few years herself has her own business over in the US now ( and is also working as a Softball coach on the Highschool and College Level. She is now specialized on the topics around “Mental Strength” and hold some very good and interesting Clinics about this topic. In Hamburg she held 3 Clinics on different aspects and people from all other sports came to listen to her.

Everybody enjoyed Liz because of her knowledge but even more because of her positive and motivating personality that she is. As a very good Hitting Catcher she had to say A LOT about those aspects of the game and Players loved to listen to what she had to say.

We want to thank Liz for the great time and the great input she gave everybody. Hope she will find her way back to Germany in the future.

Courtney Hiatt - second year of Softball Travelcoach another big sucsess in 2017
August - 2017 – another great Travel-Coach Program has come to an end.

Courtney Hiatt came to Germany to share her experience, her knowledge and her love for the game.

Courtney Hiatt former Catcher and now Coach at the Saddleback College came to help German Softball teams of all Levels and age-groups to improve their level of play. Running practices, conducting Clinic and helping with several school programs where on the agenda.

Starting in Hamburg Courtney visited some big cities like Berlin, Munich and Cologne as well as some smaller Towns all over the country. Getting an inside view on German culture, German language and German food, meeting new friends and making memories for a lifetime, made this trip a very impressive time for Courtney.
All Teams expressed how much they liked having Courtney and her knowledge around and how much they learned from her… Most teams didn´t want to let her go, but after 5-7 days the next team was already waiting…

Thank you Courtney, for being such a great person and such a great coach, we all hope you will come back one time…!

Brittany Steward - first Softball Travelcoach to visit Germany!
Britt Steward is the first Coach who will lead the Travel coach Program in the first round.

Britt is the Assistant coach of the Southwest Minnesota State Mustangs and as a pitcher and one of the best hitters on her Team while playing, she will be the perfect person to teach German Softball players and their Coaches these and all the other aspects of the game.

From May 24th to July 6th Brittany will travel to 6 Cities in Germany showing the Teams everything she knows about Softball.
After a week in Hamburg Britt is going to the Capital of Germany, to Berlin. From there she will have two stays in Bavaria, before she is heading back north with further stays in the Cologne-Area and in Paderborn, then back to the Hamburg Area.

The Teams are already planning how to get the most out of Britts stay at their place and how to give her a good time and show her something of the German culture.

Before heading back to the USA Britt will add some days traveling Europe, so Britt will have a pretty good impression about Europe and especially about Germany, when she is going back home in July.

Welcome in Germany - we realy hope you will have a good time over here!
This is what you might call a win-win situation.
On the one hand a german Softballteam get a week packed with great Softball-practice by a real expert Softball-Coach, who might also help with school-projects and even help at game-coaching.

On the other hand the coach gets a very close and good look at german culture, the country and the people. The coach will meet a lot of people and will get lots of new friends.

The STC Programm which is very much supported by the German Baseball & Softball Federation is very similar organsied as the more known Baseball Envoy-Coach Program which is organised by the MLB.

An amercan coach comes to Germany for 6-8 weeks and is staying with each Club for about a week. The Coach will work with the teams for a week, maybe hellps with some school projects and with everything the Club might need the help. The Club needs to take care oft he travel from the last town, the housng, prefeably in guest families and the feedning during the week.

With Baseball this concept already proofed ist sucsess in motvating all members in the clubs, in making players and coaches a lot better and depending on what the club organised (especially schoolcamps) in getting new members fort he cub.

Due tot he fact that citys all over germany participatig in this program, the coach will see all the diffrent regions and might easily combine the stay with a visit at other european countries.

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Das nennt man dann wohl eine Win-Win Situation.
Auf der einen Seite bekommt ein deutsches Softballteam f�r eine Woche einen extrem kompetenten Softballcoach, der mit den Mannschaften im Verein Softballtraining auf h�chstem Niveau macht, bei Schulprojekten mithilft und vielleicht sogar beim Gamecoaching unterst�tz.
Auf der anderen Seite bekommt ein amerikanischer Coach die Chance sehr direkt die deutsche Kultur, das Land und seine Leute kennen zu lernen und kn�pft viele Bekanntschaften und Freundschaften.

Beim dem vom Deutschen Baseball & Softballverband unterst�tzen STC Program ist der Ablauf sehr �hnlich wie bei dem schon bekannteren (und von der MLB unterst�tzen) Envoy-Program im Baseball.

Ein amerikanischer Coach kommt f�r 6-8 Wochen nach Deutschland und reist w�chentlich zu einem Verein, und trainiert vor Ort das Softballteam und hilft bei allem wobei der Verein Hilfe ben�tigt. Der Verein muss daf�r nur die Anreise zum eigenen Ort (die Anreise nach Deutschland �bernimmt der DBV), die Unterbringung � vorzugsweise in Gastfamilien und die Verpflegung �bernehmen und organisieren.

Beim Baseball hat sich das Konzept bereits bew�hrt und sorgt neben sehr viel Motivation im Verein f�r deutliche Leistungssteigerung bei den Spielern als auch bei den Trainern - und je nachdem wie viele (SCHUL-) Aktionen f�r den jeweiligen Zeitraum geplant sind auch f�r Mitgliederzuwachs.

Dadurch dass die Teilnehmenden Vereine aus ganz Deutschland kommen, lernt der jeweilige Trainer ganz Deutschland mit seinen unterschiedlichen Regionen kennen und leicht l�sst sich der Aufenthalt auch mit einem Besuch anderer Europ�ischer L�nder kombinieren.

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